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Deltastar Power Projects Services LLC,
PO Box : 39583, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Location GIS:
Sector E-20, Building C-57, Flat : M02.
+971553310831    +971553310831

Deltastar Power Projects Services LLC (CR No. 1015848)
PO Box : 1075, PC :130, Al Athaiba, Muscat,
Sultanate of Oman, UAE.
Location GIS:
Office No. 31, Building No. 1547, Gala,
Costa coffee shop, Near Bank Muscat SME Br.

Edrak Al Binaa Construction Company,
Chihana Building, Adam Ibn Rabiah Street.
Location GIS:
Al Malaz District, Riyadh-12831,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
+966540697654    +966540697654

Deltastar Power Projects Services WLL (CR No. 121136)
Location GIS:
Office No: 2573, Building No: 1565,
Road 1722, Block 31, Diplomatic Area,
Kingdom of Bahrain.
+973 66908016